block types:
0000 GameMode
0001 MenuMode: (Integer (Optional))
0002 OnActivate: (Actor (optional))
0003 OnAdd: (Container (optional))
0004 OnEquip: (Container (optional))
0005 OnUnequip: (Container (optional))
0006 OnDrop: (Container (optional))
0007 SayToDone: (Topic)
0008 OnHit: (Actor (optional))
0009 OnHitWith: (ObjectID)
000A OnDeath: (Actor (optional))
000B OnMurder: (Actor (optional))
000C OnCombatEnd
000D Unused
000E Unused2
000F OnPackageStart: Package
0010 OnPackageDone, OnPackageEnd: Package
0011 ScriptEffectStart
0012 ScriptEffectFinish
0013 ScriptEffectUpdate
0014 OnPackageChange: Package
0015 OnLoad
0016 OnMagicEffectHit: (Magic Effect (optional))
0017 OnSell: (Actor (optional))
0018 OnTrigger: (ObjectReferenceID)
0019 OnStartCombat: (Actor (optional))
001A OnTriggerEnter: (ObjectReferenceID)
001B OnTriggerLeave: (ObjectReferenceID)
001C OnActorEquip: ObjectID
001D OnActorUnequip: ObjectID
001E OnReset
001F OnOpen
0020 OnClose
0021 OnGrab
0022 OnRelease
0023 OnDestructionStageChange: (Integer (Optional))

console commands:
0100 Show, TST: Float
	Show global scripts and variables.
0101 ShowVars, SV
	Show variables on object. [player->sv]
0102 ShowGlobalVars, SGLV
	Show all global variables.
0103 ShowQuestVars, SQV: Quest
	Show quest variables. [svq QuestID]
0104 ShowQuests, SQ
	List quests.
0105 ShowQuestAliases: Quest
	Show quest aliases. [ShowQuestAliases QuestID]
0106 SetPapyrusQuestVar, SETPQV: Quest, String, String
	Set a Papyrus property on the specified quest.
0107 SetPapyrusVar, SETPV: String, String
	Set a Papyrus property on the selected ref.
0108 SetQuestAliases: Quest
	Set quest aliases. [SetQuestAliases QuestID]
0109 ClearQuestAliases: Quest
	Clears quest aliases. [ClearQuestAliases QuestID]
010A ToggleCombatStats, TCS
010B ToggleSafeZone, TSZ
	Display the television 85%% safe zone.
010C ToggleAI, TAI: (Actor (optional))
010D ToggleCollisionGeometry, TCG
	Show collision geometry.
010E ToggleMaterialGeometry, TMG
	Show material geometry.
010F ToggleStairsGeometry, TSG
	Show stairs geometry.
0110 ToggleBorders, TB
	Show border lines for each cell.
0111 ToggleSky, TS
0112 ToggleWireframe, TWF
	Show the world as wireframe.
0113 ToggleCollision, TCL
0114 ToggleDebugText, TDT
	Show debug numbers on the screen.
0115 ToggleMenus, TM
	Hide all the menus. Used for taking screen shots.
0116 TogglePrimitives, TPR
0117 ShowScenegraph, SSG
	Create a window with the full game scene graph or the scene graph of the selected reference.
0118 ShowScenegraph, SFSG
	Create a window with the full game scene graph, open to the node corresponding to the selected reference (if any).
0119 ToggleMagicStats, TMS
011A ShowAnim, SA
	Show Animation and Actor status.
011B Show1stPerson, S1ST
	Show the 1st person Model from the 3rd person camera. If in 3rd person mode it will show both.
011C Help: (String (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
	Show this help.
011D ToggleNavMesh, TNM: (Integer (Optional))
	Toggle blocked display.
011E TogglePathLine, TPL: (String)
	Toggle path display.
011F PickRefByID, PRID: ObjectReferenceID
	Select a reference by id for the console.
0120 SetLightingPasses, SLP: String
	4 (0/1) values. amb|diff|tex|spec ex: 1010
0121 ToggleLODLand, TLL: (String (Optional)), (String (Optional)), (String (Optional)), (String (Optional))
0122 ToggleMapEffect, TME: (String)
0123 SetLODObjectDistance, SLOD: Float, Float, Float, Float
0124 ToggleGrassUpdate, TGU
0125 CenterOnCell, COC: String
0126 SetGameSetting, SetGS: String, String
0127 SetINISetting, SetINI: String, String
	"setting:category" value
0128 GetINISetting, GetINI: String
0129 CenterOnExterior, COE: Integer, Integer
012A CalcPathToPoint, P2P
012B CalcLowPathToPoint, LP2P: Integer, Integer, Integer
	ignore locks, allow disabled doors, ignore min use
012C SetFog: Integer, Integer
	2 floats, start and end depths
012D SetClipDist: Float
	float, new clip distance
012E ToggleShadowVolumes, TSV
012F SetImageSpaceGlow, SISG: Integer, Float, Float, Float
0130 ToggleDetection, TDETECT
0131 ToggleHighProcess, THIGHPROCESS
0132 ToggleLowProcess, TLOWPROCESS
0133 ToggleMiddleLowProcess, TMLOWPROCESS
0134 ToggleMiddleHighProcess, TMHIGHPROCESS
0135 ToggleAiSchedules, TAIS
0136 SpeakSound: Filename, (Emotion), (EmotionValue)
0137 BetaComment, BC: String
	Add comment to [General] 'sBetaCommentFile' file.
  NOTE: select object first.
  [bc "This rock is too high."]
0138 GameComment, GC: String
	Adds a comment about the game to the GameCommentDB. (Ex. This monster is too hard)
0139 ToggleCellNode, TCN: Integer
	Toggle 3D for a Cell child node: 0-Actor, 1-Marker, 2-Land, 3-Water, 4-Static, 5-Active
013A ToggleTrees, TT
	Turn trees on/off
013B SetCameraFOV, FOV: (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional))
	Change the camera's field of view (in deg): default 75
013C ToggleGodMode, TGM
	Toggle God mode
013D RefreshShaders, RS: (String)
	Reload HLSL shaders from disk
013E ToggleScripts, TSCR
	Turn Script processing on/off
013F ToggleConversations, TCONV
	Toggle conversation stats
0140 ToggleFullHelp, TFH
	Toggle Full Help
0141 ShowQuestLog, SQL: (Integer (Optional))
	Show Quest Log
0142 ShowFullQuestLog, SFQL: Quest
	Show all log entries for a single quest
0143 DumpTexturePalette, DTP: (String)
	Dump texture palette contents to file
 param is sort type   f-filename, s-size, c-count)
0144 DumpModelMap, DMM: (String)
	Dump model map contents to file
0145 CenterOnWorld, COW: WorldSpace, Cell X, Cell Y
	[COW worldname -10 5]
0146 ToggleGrass, TG
	Toggle grass display.
0147 CreateGrassAt, cga: Float, Float
0148 AddFaceAnimNote, AFAN: String
0149 RefreshINI, REFINI
	Refresh INI settings from file.
014A ToggleEmotions, temo
	Toggle NPC facial emotions.
014B AddDecal
014C TestCode: (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional))
014D PlayerSpellBook, psb
	Add all spells to player.
014E PrintAiList, pai
	Printed Ai Lists.
014F ShowQuestTargets, SQT
	Show current quest targets
0150 HairTint: Integer, Integer, Integer
	3 ints, RGB
0151 SaveGame, save: String, (Integer (Optional))
0152 LoadGame, load: String, (Integer (Optional))
0153 TestAllCells, TAC: Integer
	Test All Cells (0 - stop, 1 - start, 2 - interiors, 3 - current world)
0154 RenderTestCell, rtc
	runs Render Test on player's current parent cell
0155 RenderTestHere, rth
	runs Render Test on player's current position
0156 SaveWorld: String
	Save hkWorld 
0157 ReloadCurrentClimate, rcc
	Reloads values from the current climate
0158 ReloadCurrentWeather, rcw
	Reloads values from the current weather
0159 TestSeenData, tsd
	Visually displays the current seen data
015A TestLocalMap, tlm: Integer
	Simulates the local map. (1 or 0 for FOW on or off)
015B MoveToQuestTarget, movetoqt: Quest, (Integer (Optional))
	Move player to current quest target.
015C PrintNPCDialog, pdialog
	Prints NPC dialog
015D ShowSubtitle: (Integer (Optional))
	show all dialog subtitles (1 shows always, 0 hides always)
015E ShowRenderPasses, srp
	display render passes for the next frame
015F FreezeRenderAccumulation, fra
	only re-render geometry visible during this frame
0160 ToggleOcclusion, tocc
	toggle occlusion query for geometry
0161 OutputMemContexts, omc: (String)
	Output Mem Context info to a file
0162 OutputMemStats, oms: (String)
	Output Mem Stats info to a file
0163 SetMemCheckPoint, smcp: Integer, (String (Optional))
	Set the current memory checkpoint (value, optional context name)
0164 GetMemCheckPoint, gmcp: (String)
	Get the current memory checkpoint (optional context name)
0165 IncMemCheckPoint, imcp: (String)
	Increment the current memory checkpoint (optional context name)
0166 OutputAllocations, outalloc: String, (String (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
	Output memory allocations (file, optional context name, optional start context, optional end context)
0167 AddWatchAddress, awa: String, Integer
	Adds an address range to watch out for.
0168 RemoveWatchAddress, rwa: String
	Removes an address range that we no longer want to watch.
0169 ToggleDetectionStats, tds: (Actor (optional))
	Show the detection stats of the current seletected Ref.
016A SetTargetRefraction, str: Float
	Sets the refractive value of the target
016B SetTargetRefractionFire, strf: Float, Int
	Sets the refractive fire value of the target
016C ToggleRefractionDebug, trd
	Toggles refraction debug render texture
016D ToggleCharControllerShape, TCCS
	Toggle char controller shape type.
016E ShowHeadTrackTarget, SHeadT
	Show the head track target if set from look function
016F SetCinematicParam, SCP: Float, Float, Float
	Sets various values for the imagespace cinematics
0170 SetTintParam, STP: Float, Float, Float, Float
	Sets various values for the imagespace tint
0171 SetHDRParam, SHP: Float, Float, Float, Float, Float, Float, Float, Float, Float
	Sets various values for the HDR shader
0172 VisualRefPosition, VRP
	Places and axis object at the ref position.
0173 ShowPivot, SP
	Puts a temporary yellow plus at the pivot point of the selected reference.
0174 PrintHDRParam, PHP
	Prints current HDR settings.
0175 ToggleHDRDebug, THD
	Toggles HDR debug textures.
0176 RevertWorld, rw
	Revert the world
0177 OutputArchiveProfile, oap: (String)
	Output Archive profile info to a file
0178 QuitGame, qqq
	Exit game without going through menus.
0179 SaveIniFiles, saveini
	Writes all the .ini files.
017A SetDebugText, sdt: (String (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
	Sets which debug text is shown.
017B ToggleLiteBrite, tlb
	Toggles lite brite render mode.
017C RunMemoryPass, rmp: Integer
	Runs a cleanup memory pass
017D ResetMemContexts, rmc
	Reset Max Mem Contexts
017E ToggleWaterSystem, TWS
	Toggles the water system
017F ToggleWaterRadius, TWR
0180 ShowWhoDetectsPlayer, SWDP
	 Show who detects the player
0181 ToggleCombatAI, tcai
	Toggles ALL Combat AI
0182 ToggleFlyCam, tfc: (Integer (Optional))
	Toggles the Free Fly camera (UFO cam).
0183 ModWaterShader, mws: String, (Float(optional))
	Modifies water shader settings
0184 WaterColor, mwc: Integer, Float, Float, Float
	Modifies water color
0185 BeginTrace, bt
	Creates a trace file (Xenon only)
0186 RunCellTest, rct: (Integer (Optional))
	Runs a cell test
0187 StartAllQuests, saq
	Starts all quests
0188 CompleteAllQuestStages, caqs
	Sets all quest stages
0189 ToggleFogOfWar, TFOW
	Turns fog of war on or off.
018A OutputLocalMapPictures, OLMP
	Writes out the current local map.
018B SetGamma, sg: Float
	Sets new gamma ramp.
018C WasteMemory, wm: Float
	Allocates some memory (in MB).
018D ClearAdaptedLight, cal
	Clears the HDR adapted light texture
018E ToggleCastShadows, tsh: Integer
018F SetHudGlowConstants, shgc: (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional))
	Set parameters for HUD glow.
0190 CloseFile: String
0191 SetTreeMipmapBias, stmb: (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional))
	Set mipmap LOD bias values for tree billboards.
0192 SendSherlockDebugText, ssdt: (String)
0193 OutputMemStats, omsfw: (String)
	Output Mem Stats info to a file
0194 PlayExplosion
	Plays explosion seq in selected obj
0195 SetMaxAniso, sma: Float
	Sets Depth of Field focal distance
0196 SetMeshLODLevel, smll: Float
	Sets Depth of Field range
0197 SetTargetDOF, stdof
	Sets the depth of field based on the target
0198 ToggleFullScreenMotionBlur, tfsmb
	Toggles Full screen motion blur
0199 SetTriLinearThreshold, stlt: Float
	Set the motion blur params
019A ToggleFootIK, tfik
	Toggles Foot IK system
019B SetVel: Axis, Float
	Sets Velocity on a reference
019C DebugCombatBehavior, dcb
	Debugs the combat behavior on an actor
019D ToggleCombatDebug, tcd: (String)
	Toggles combat debug info
019E TogglePathingInfoFunction, TPI
	Toggle pathing information.
019F ShowInventory, inv
	Shows reference inventory
01A0 ResetPerformanceTimers, rpt
	Resets the performance timers
01A1 ToggleDebugDecal, TDD: Integer
	Toggle debug displays for decal creation : 0-Wireframe, 1-Solid, 2-Occlusion Query, 3-Transform
01A2 ToggleDecalRendering, TDR
	Toggle decal rendering
01A3 SetImageSpaceModifiersEnable, sisme: Integer
	Set imagespace modifiers enable: 0-Off, 1-On
01A4 SetUFOCamSpeedMult, sucsm: Float
	Set speed mult for free camera.
01A5 ToggleTestLight, TTL: (Integer (Optional)), (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional))
	Toggle test light (radius, magnitude).
01A6 PlaceLocationMarker, plm: X, Y, Z, (Name ( Optional )), (Color ( Optional ))
	PlaceLocationMarker x y z (optional name) (optional color )
01A7 ClearLocationMarkers, clm
01A8 ToggleMultiboundCheck, mbc
	Toggle all Multibound check functionality
01A9 ToggleGrabIK, tgik
	Toggles Grab IK system
01AA ToggleLookIK, tlik
	Toggles Look IK system
01AB ToggleRagdollAnim, tra
	Toggles Ragdoll Anim system
01AC AddOcclusionPlane, AOP: (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional))
	Add Occlusion plane (x size, y size).
01AD SetGlobalRadialBlur, sgrb: Float, Float, Float, Float, Float
	Set parameters for the global radial blur
01AE OutputTextureUseMap, OTUM: (String)
	Writes out texture use map data to file.
01AF ClearScreenBlood, csb
	Clear screen blood
01B0 ResetDialogueFlags, rdf
	Debug resets SayOnce, TalkedToPc, etc.
01B1 GetActorValueInfo, GetAVInfo: Actor Value
	Get detailed an actor value info. [player.getav luck]
01B2 ToggleBoundVisGeom, tbvg
	Toggles bound visualization for a ref
01B3 SetConsoleOuputFile, scof: String
	Sets the given file as target for console output.
01B4 IgnoreRenderPass, irp: (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
	Ignore the given renderpass
01B5 PlayVATSCameras, pvc: String
	Play this set of VATS cameras for the next VATS playback.
01B6 SetTargetFalloff, stfo: (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional))
	Sets the falloff of the target
01B7 ToggleActorMover, tam
	Toggles actor movement through pathing system
01B8 CopySaves, CopySaves: (String)
	Copy save games from the host machine or a memory stick (ms).
01B9 DrawSkeleton, das: Integer, Integer, Integer
	Enables skeleton drawing
01BA ToggleEOFImageSpace, teofis
	Toggles end of frame imagespace effects
01BB ForceFileCache, ffc
	Enumerates Miles samples and streams
01BC DumpNiUpdates, dnu
	Dumps the next frame's calls to NiNode/NiAVObject::UpdateDownwardPass to NiDump*.xls (only Debug/PIX 360 builds)
01BD TestDegrade: Integer
	degrades the specified number of MB of textures. negative values degrade all possible. (only 360 builds)
01BE ToggleDepthBias, tdb
	toggles depth bias for decals on or off
01BF ToggleSPURenderBatch, tSPURB
	toggles the SPU render batch on or off
01C0 ToggleSPUTransformUpdate, tSPUTU
	toggles the SPU transform update on or off
01C1 ToggleSPUCulling, tSPUC
	toggles the SPU culling on or off
01C2 ModifyFaceGen, mfg: String, (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
	Modify FaceGen Functionality
01C3 ForceRSXCrash, fRSX
	Forces an RSX crash
01C4 SetEmitterParticleMax: Integer
	Sets the maximum number of particles emitted by a non-master particle system emitter
01C5 SetMPSParticleMax: Integer
	Sets the maximum number of particles emitted by master particle system emitter set
01C6 SetTaskThreadSleep: Integer
	Sets the task thread sleep value (-1 to disable).
01C7 SetTaskThreadUpdateSleep: Integer
	Sets the task thread update sleep value (-1 to disable).
01C8 EvalActorTextures, EAT
01C9 CreateSaveData, createsaves: Integer, Integer
	Creates save data.
01CA CreateGameData: String, (Integer (Optional))
	Creates game data.
01CB LoadFlashMovie: String
	Loads a Flash movie for the GUI
01CC ShowMenu: String
	Show or create a menu
01CD HideMenu: String
	Hide or close a menu
01CE RecvAnimEvent, rae: String, (String)
	Simulate recieving an animation event from an animation graph.
01CF RunConsoleBatch, bat: String
	Run a console batch file
01D0 LTGraph, LTGraph: String
	Sets the input-to-player movement graph
01D1 RTGraph, RTGraph: String
	Sets the input-to-camera movement graph
01D2 ToggleHeapTracking, THT
	Toggle Heap Tracking
01D3 TogglePoolTracking, TPT
	Toggle Pool Tracking
01D4 RumbleManager, RM: (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional))
01D5 InstallMemoryTracker, IMT: String
	Install Memory Tracker
01D6 UninstallMemoryTracker, UMT
	Uninstall Memory Tracker
01D7 CheckMemory, chkmem
	Check Memory
01D8 SetStackDepth, SSD: Integer
	Set Stack Depth
01D9 PathToRef, PTR: (TESObjectREFR)
	Force actor to path to reference.
01DA StartAIControlledRobotTest, SPTP: String, String, (String(optional))
	Starts player pathing memory test.
01DB TestHandleManagerWarnAndKillSDM, THMWAKS
	Purely for testing: lists every un-destroyed handle, then destroys it.
01DC SetFaceTarget, SFT: (TESObjectREFR)
	Force actor to face a reference.
01DD PrecomputedLOSGeneration, plg: (String (Optional)), (String (Optional)), (String (Optional))
01DE PrecomputedLOSDebug, pld: (String (Optional)), (String (Optional)), (String (Optional))
01DF SetPathSprinting, SPS: Integer
	Force actor to sprint.
01E0 SetAnimGraphVar, sgv: String, String, (String(optional)), (String(optional)), (String(optional))
	Set an animation graph variable.
01E1 SetTreeTrunkFlexibility, STSTF: Float
	Set the flexibility of trees trunk.
01E2 SetTreeBranchFlexibility, STSBF: Float
	Set the flexibility of trees branches.
01E3 SetTreeBranchAnimationRange, STSBR: Integer, Integer
	Restrict the range of tree branch animations.
01E4 SetTreeLeafFlexibility, STSLF: Float
	Set the flexibility of trees leaves.
01E5 SetTreeLeafAmplitude, STSLAMP: Float
	Set the amplitude of trees leaves.
01E6 SetTreeLeafFrequency, STSLFRQ: Float
	Set the frequency of trees leaves.
01E7 SetTreeWindDirection, STSWD: Float, Float
	Set the tree system wind direction.
01E8 SetTreeWindMagnitude, STSWM: Float
	Set the tree system wind magnitude.
01E9 SetBloodParam, SBP: String, (Float(optional))
	Set blood parameters.
01EA RegisterPrefix, RPRFX: String
	Register all resources at a path prefix.
01EB ToggleEventLog, TEL
	Show a log of misc. events for the selected debug REFR.
01EC ExportPerfTrackingData, EPTD
	Export performance monitor tracking data to a file.
01ED DisplayGraphVariable, dgv: String
	Gives control of variable filters used on the animation debug text page.
01EE ToggleMotionDriven, TMD: (Integer (Optional))
	Toggles motion driven animation
01EF ToggleControlsDriven, TC: (Integer (Optional))
	Toggles controls driven character
01F0 ToggleGUIOverlay, TGO
	Toggles the graphical overlay
01F1 ModifyGUIOverlay, MGO: String, (String (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
	Modifies a graphical overlay
01F2 SetActionComplete, SAC
	Sets all active actions on actor in scene complete
01F3 SetConsoleScopeQuest, SSQ: (Quest)
	Sets the scope quest for all console functions. No param clears current scope quest.
01F4 GetDistanceFromActorsPath, GDFAP: TESObjectREFR
	Prints out the distance from a reference to an actor's path.
01F5 ClearConsole, clear
	Clears the console log
01F6 ToggleMarkers, TMK
	Toggle markers
01F7 KillAllProjectiles, kap
	Kill all projectiles
01F8 PlayTerrainEffect, PTFX: String
	Plays a terrain effect at target REFR
01F9 CellInfo
	Toggle Cell Info
01FA Textures, tx
	Toggle Texture Info
01FB Timing, FPS
	Toggle Timing Info
01FC Polygons, Polys
	Toggle Mesh Render Info
01FD Actors, Actors
	Toggle Actor Info
01FE Quest, Quest
	Toggle Quest Event Info
01FF Particles, Particles
	Toggle Particle Info
0200 Memory
	Toggle Memory Info
0201 ShowNodes: (String)
	Show nodes- [All], [Off]
0202 SaveDebugTextPages, SaveDTP
	Save Debug Text Pages settings to .ini file.
0203 OutputFixedStringTable, OFST
	Output the fixed string table to a file.
0204 AttachPapyrusScript, APS: String, (String)
	Attaches a papyrus script to a reference
0205 SaveHavokSnapshot, SHS: String, (Integer (Optional))
	Saves a Havok snapshot of the hkpWorld the player is currently in
0206 SetNPCWeight, SNPCW: Float
	[0-100]: Sets the weight of an NPC and reloads his 3D to visualize the weight change
0207 ShowClosestLocationForSphere, SCLFS: Float, Float, Int
	Finds the closest location where a sphere can fit in the navmesh, and displays it
0208 PrintShaderMacros, PSM: String, String
	Given a shader and technique ID, prints the macros used to compile its shader.
0209 ToggleAudioOverlay, TAO
	Toggle the Audio Debug Overlay.
020A TogglePapyrusLog, TPLog
	Toggle the Papyrus Log Overlay.
020B ToggleContextOverlay, TCO
	Toggle the Context Overlay.
020C ForceOutOfMemory, FOOM
	Forces an OOM state.
020D ToggleMovement, TMOVE
	Toggles all actor movement
020E ToggleAnimations, TANIM
	Toggles all actor animations
020F SetWarning: String, (Integer (Optional))
	Params: Name [0/1]. 0 is default for 2nd param.
0210 TestFadeNodes, TestFN
0211 ShowLowMaxHeights, slmh: Integer, (Integer (Optional))
0212 ShowHighMaxHeights, shmh: Integer
0213 EnableStoryManagerLogging, esml: (String)
	Enable story manager logging.
0214 SetFramebufferRange, sfbr: Float
	Set frambuffer range
0215 DumpPapyrusStacks, dps
	Dumps all Papyrus stack information to the log
0216 DumpPapyrusUpdates, dpu
	Dumps all Papyrus update registrations to the log
0217 DisplayLookIKDebug, dlik
0218 SoundCatMod, scm: SoundCategory, String, (Float(optional))
	In-game control of sound categories.
0219 RunCompaction, rcmpct
	Run a pass of compaction if possible.
021A ToggleAnimatorCam, animcam
	Toggles a 3rd-person camera mode designed for animators' ease-of-use
021B ToggleImmortalMode, TIM
	Toggle Immortal mode
021C SetSubgraphToDebug, sgd: Integer
	Subgraph To Debug
021D EnableRumble: Integer
021E HavokVDBCapture, vdbcapture: String, (Integer (Optional))
	Havok VDB Capture
021F ToggleMapCam, tmc
	toggle a view mode similar to the map camera for debugging
0220 ToggleNavmeshInfo, tni
	toggle a view mode similar to the map camera and displays navmesh infos
0221 PlaySyncAnim, syncanim: String, (ObjectReferenceID)
	Play Sync Anim
0222 SetFormKnown: String, Integer
	Sets the known flag on a form
0223 SetDebugQuest: Quest, Integer, State
	Sets the quest to be the only one startable for its event type.
0224 SetQuestAliasLogging, sqal: Quest, Integer
	Turns alias logging on/off for a quest.
0225 SetRace: String
	Sets the passed in actor's race.
0226 FindForm, find: String, (String)
	Find a form
0227 StartPapyrusScriptProfile, StartPSP: String
	Starts profiling a Papyrus script.
0228 StopPapyrusScriptProfile, StopPSP: String
	Stops profiling a Papyrus script.
0229 StartPapyrusFormProfile, StartPFP: Form
	Starts profiling Papyrus scripts on a form.
022A StopPapyrusFormProfile, StopPFP: Form
	Stops profiling Papyrus scripts on a form.
022B PrintQuestSceneInfo, PrintS: Quest
	Prints to the Quest Inf file the current state of scenes.
022C IsInvulnerable, isinv
	Is the actor invulnerable?
022D ExportInventoryItemInfo, eiii: Integer
022E CollisionMesh, colmesh
	Toggle Mesh Collision Info
022F IsolateRendering, ir
0230 ToggleWaterCurrentGeometry, twcg: Integer
0231 PerformAction, pa: Action
0232 StartTrackPlayerDoors, StartTPD
0233 StopTrackPlayerDoors, StopTPD
0234 CheckPlayerDoors, CheckPD: (Integer (Optional))
0235 ToggleSPUMovement, tSPUM
	toggles the SPU movement on or off
0236 SetInChargen: Integer, Integer, Integer
0237 ClearAchievement: Integer

script commands:
1000 GetWantBlocking
1001 GetDistance: ObjectReferenceID
1002 AddItem: ObjectID, Count, (Flag (Optional))
1003 SetEssential: Actor Base, (Integer (Optional))
1004 Rotate: Axis, Speed
1005 GetLocked
1006 GetPos: Axis
1007 SetPos: Axis, Float
1008 GetAngle: Axis
1009 SetAngle: Axis, Float
100A GetStartingPos: Axis
100B GetStartingAngle: Axis
100C GetSecondsPassed
100D Activate: (ObjectReferenceID), (Integer (Optional))
100E GetActorValue, GetAV: Actor Value
	Get an actor value. [player.getav luck]
100F SetActorValue, SetAV: Actor Value, Amount
	Set an actor value. [player.setav luck, 75]
1010 ModActorValue, ModAV: Actor Value, Amount
	Modify an actor value. [player.modav luck, -10]
1011 SetAtStart
1012 GetCurrentTime
1013 PlayGroup: Animation Group, Flags
	IE: PlayGroup SEQNAME 1
1014 LoopGroup: Animation Group, Integer, Flags
1015 SkipAnim
1016 StartCombat: Actor
1017 StopCombat
1018 GetScale
1019 IsMoving
	Is the actor moving?
101A IsTurning
	Is the actor turning?
101B GetLineOfSight, GetLOS: ObjectReferenceID
101C AddSpell: Spell Item
101D RemoveSpell: Spell Item
101E Cast: Magic Item, ObjectReferenceID, Source (Optional)
101F GetButtonPressed
1020 GetInSameCell: ObjectReferenceID
1021 Enable: (Integer (Optional))
1022 Disable: (Integer (Optional))
1023 GetDisabled
1024 MenuMode: (Integer (Optional))
1025 PlaceAtMe: ObjectID, (Count), (Distance), (Direction)
1026 PlaySound: Sound, (Integer (Optional))
	Play a 2D sound. (Optional: 1 to indicate a system sound, 0 otherwise.
1027 GetDisease
1028 FailAllObjectives: Quest
	Fail all of a quest's objectives
1029 GetClothingValue
102A SameFaction: Actor
102B SameRace: Actor
102C SameSex: Actor
102D GetDetected: Actor
102E GetDead
102F GetItemCount: ObjectID
1030 GetGold
1031 GetSleeping
1032 GetTalkedToPC
1033 Say: Topic, (Integer (Optional)), (Actor Base), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
1034 SayTo: Actor, Topic, (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
1035 GetScriptVariable: ObjectReferenceID, Variable Name
1036 StartQuest: Quest
1037 StopQuest: Quest
1038 GetQuestRunning, GetQR: Quest
1039 SetStage: Quest, Stage
103A GetStage: Quest
103B GetStageDone: Quest, Stage
103C GetFactionRankDifference: Faction, Actor
103D GetAlarmed
103E IsRaining
103F GetAttacked
1040 GetIsCreature
1041 GetLockLevel
1042 GetShouldAttack: Actor
1043 GetInCell: Cell
1044 GetIsClass: Class
1045 GetIsRace: Race
1046 GetIsSex: Sex
1047 GetInFaction: Faction
1048 GetIsID: ObjectID
1049 GetFactionRank: Faction
104A GetGlobalValue: Global
104B IsSnowing
104C FastTravel, ft: TESObjectREFR
	Player Fast Travel to Marker
104D GetRandomPercent
104E RemoveMusic: Music
104F GetQuestVariable: Quest, Variable Name
1050 GetLevel
1051 IsRotating
1052 RemoveItem: ObjectID, Count, (Flag (Optional))
1053 GetLeveledEncounterValue: Integer
1054 GetDeadCount: Actor Base
1055 AddToMap, ShowMap: Map Marker, (Integer (Optional))
1056 StartConversation: TESObjectREFR, (Topic), (TESObjectREFR), (TESObjectREFR), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
	Start a conversation [Bob.StartConversation Joe, SecretTopic]
1057 Drop: ObjectID, Count
1058 AddTopic: Topic
1059 ShowMessage: Message
105A SetAlert: Integer
105B GetIsAlerted
105C Look: ObjectReferenceID, (Integer (Optional))
105D StopLook
105E EvaluatePackage, evp
105F SendAssaultAlarm: (Actor (optional)), (Faction (Optional))
1060 EnablePlayerControls, epc: (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
	9 optional (0/1) values. movement|fighting|pov|looking|sneaking|menu|activate|journal|POV Type ex: 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
1061 DisablePlayerControls, dpc: (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
	9 optional (0/1) values. movement|fighting|pov|looking|sneaking|menu|activate|journal|POV Type ex: 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
1062 GetPlayerControlsDisabled, gpc: (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
	8 optional (0/1) values. movement|fighting|pov|looking|sneaking|menu|activate|journal ex: 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
1063 GetHeadingAngle: ObjectReferenceID
1064 PickIdle
1065 IsWeaponMagicOut
1066 IsTorchOut
1067 IsShieldOut
1068 CreateDetectionEvent: TESObjectREFR, Integer 
1069 IsActionRef: ObjectReferenceID
106A IsFacingUp
106B GetKnockedState
106C GetWeaponAnimType
106D IsWeaponSkillType: Actor Value
106E GetCurrentAIPackage
106F IsWaiting
1070 IsIdlePlaying
1071 CompleteQuest: Quest
1072 Lock: (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
1073 UnLock: (Integer (Optional))
1074 IsIntimidatedbyPlayer
1075 IsPlayerInRegion: Region
1076 GetActorAggroRadiusViolated
1077 GetCrimeKnown: Crime Type, Criminal, Victim
1078 SetEnemy: Faction, Faction, (Value(Optional)), (Value(Optional))
1079 SetAlly: Faction, Faction, (Value(Optional)), (Value(Optional))
107A GetCrime: Actor, (Crime Type (optional))
107B IsGreetingPlayer
107C StartMisterSandMan: Actor
107D IsGuard
107E StartCannibal: Actor
107F HasBeenEaten
1080 GetStaminaPercentage, GetStamina
1081 GetPCIsClass: Class
1082 GetPCIsRace: Race
1083 GetPCIsSex: Sex
1084 GetPCInFaction: Faction
1085 SameFactionAsPC
1086 SameRaceAsPC
1087 SameSexAsPC
1088 GetIsReference: ObjectReferenceID
1089 SetFactionRank: Faction, Value
108A ModFactionRank: Faction, Value
108B KillActor, kill: (Actor (optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
108C ResurrectActor, resurrect: (Integer (Optional))
108D IsTalking
108E GetWalkSpeed, GetWalk
108F GetCurrentAIProcedure
1090 GetTrespassWarningLevel
1091 IsTrespassing
1092 IsInMyOwnedCell
1093 GetWindSpeed
1094 GetCurrentWeatherPercent, getweatherpct
1095 GetIsCurrentWeather, getweather: Weather ID
1096 IsContinuingPackagePCNear
1097 SetCrimeFaction: Faction
1098 GetIsCrimeFaction: Faction
1099 CanHaveFlames
109A HasFlames
109B AddFlames
109C RemoveFlames
109D GetOpenState
109E MoveToMarker, MoveTo: ObjectReferenceID, (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional))
109F GetSitting
10A0 GetFurnitureMarkerID
10A1 GetIsCurrentPackage: Package
10A2 IsCurrentFurnitureRef: ObjectReferenceID
10A3 IsCurrentFurnitureObj: Furniture
10A4 SetSize, CSize: Float
	Shrink/Grow an actor. [player.shrink 0.0 or radius]
10A5 RemoveMe: (Container (optional))
10A6 DropMe
10A7 GetFactionReaction: Faction, Faction
10A8 SetFactionReaction: Faction, Faction, Value
10A9 ModFactionReaction: Faction, Faction, Value
10AA GetDayOfWeek
10AB IgnoreCrime: Integer
10AC GetTalkedToPCParam: Actor
10AD RemoveAllItems: (Container (optional)), (Ownership Added (optional)), (No Message Flag (optional))
10AE WakeUpPC: (Integer (Optional))
10AF IsPCSleeping
10B0 IsPCAMurderer
10B1 SetCombatStyle, setcs: (Combat Style (optional))
10B2 PlaySound3D: Sound
10B3 SelectPlayerSpell, spspell: Spell Item, Casting Source
10B4 HasSameEditorLocAsRef: TESObjectREFR, (Keyword)
10B5 HasSameEditorLocAsRefAlias: QuestAlias, (Keyword)
10B6 GetEquipped: ObjectID
10B7 Wait: Package
10B8 StopWaiting: Package
10B9 IsSwimming
10BA ScriptEffectElapsedSeconds
10BB SetCellPublicFlag, setpublic: Cell, Flag
	Set public flag on cell. [setpublic MyCell 1]
10BC GetPCSleepHours
10BD SetPCSleepHours: Integer
10BE GetAmountSoldStolen
10BF ModAmountSoldStolen: Integer
10C0 GetIgnoreCrime
10C1 GetPCExpelled: Faction
10C2 SetPCExpelled: Faction, Value
10C3 GetPCFactionMurder: Faction
10C4 SetPCFactionMurder: Faction, Value
10C5 GetPCEnemyofFaction: Faction
10C6 SetPCEnemyofFaction: Faction, Value
10C7 GetPCFactionAttack: Faction
10C8 SetPCFactionAttack: Faction, Value
10C9 StartScene: Scene 
10CA StopScene: Scene 
10CB GetDestroyed
10CC SetDestroyed: Integer
10CD GetActionRef, getAR
10CE GetSelf, this
10CF GetContainer
10D0 GetForceRun
10D1 SetForceRun: Integer
10D2 GetForceSneak
10D3 SetForceSneak: Integer
10D4 AdvancePCSkill, AdvSkill: Actor Value, Amount
	Give the player the given amount of skill usage [advskill onehanded 100]
10D5 AdvancePCLevel, AdvLevel
10D6 HasMagicEffect: Magic Effect
10D7 GetDefaultOpen
	Returns 1 if this object is open by default.
10D8 SetDefaultOpen: Integer
	A value of 1 will make the object open by default.
10D9 ShowClassMenu
10DA ShowRaceMenu, SetPlayerRace: (Race (optional))
	ShowRaceMenu no parameter will bring up the race menu. SetPlayerRace raceID will change the players race to raceID and reload the players geometry.
10DB GetAnimAction
	Return the actors current anim action.
10DC ShowNameMenu
10DD SetOpenState: Integer
	A value of 1 will make the object open.
10DE ResetReference, RecycleActor: (ObjectReferenceID)
	Optional destination reference.
10DF IsSpellTarget: Magic Item
10E0 GetVATSMode
10E1 GetPersuasionNumber
10E2 GetVampireFeed
10E3 GetCannibal
10E4 GetIsClassDefault: Class
10E5 GetClassDefaultMatch
10E6 GetInCellParam: Cell, ObjectReferenceID
10E7 UnusedFunction1
10E8 GetCombatTarget
10E9 GetPackageTarget
10EA ShowSpellMaking
10EB GetVatsTargetHeight
10EC SetGhost: Integer
	A value of 1 will make the NPC act as a 'ghost'.
10ED GetIsGhost
	Returns 1 if the actor is acting as a 'ghost'.
10EE EquipItem, EquipObject: ObjectID, (Flag), (Hand (Optional))
10EF UnequipItem, UnEquipObject: ObjectID, (Flag), (Hand (Optional))
10F0 SetClass: Class
10F1 SetUnconscious: Integer
	A value of 1 will be unconscious.
10F2 GetUnconscious
	Returns 1 if is unconscious.
10F3 SetRestrained: Integer
	A value of 1 will be restrained.
10F4 GetRestrained
	Returns 1 if is restrained.
10F5 ForceFlee, Flee: (Cell (optional)), (ObjectReferenceID (optional))
	Forces a actor to flee if destination or cell is passed in uses them
10F6 GetIsUsedItem: ObjectID
10F7 GetIsUsedItemType: Form Type
10F8 IsScenePlaying: Scene 
10F9 IsInDialogueWithPlayer
	True if actor is currently in a dialogue state with player
10FA GetLocationCleared: Location
10FB SetLocationCleared: Location, Integer
10FC ForceRefIntoAlias: QuestAlias
10FD EmptyRefAlias: QuestAlias
10FE GetIsPlayableRace
10FF GetOffersServicesNow
1100 GetGameSetting, GetGS: String
1101 StopCombatAlarmOnActor, SCAOnActor
1102 HasAssociationType: Actor, AssociationType
1103 HasFamilyRelationship, Family: Actor
1104 SetWeather, sw: Weather ID, (Integer (Optional))
	Sets the active weather to the specified type
1105 HasParentRelationship, IsParent: Actor
1106 IsWarningAbout: Form List
1107 IsWeaponOut
1108 HasSpell: Spell Item
1109 IsTimePassing
110A IsPleasant
110B IsCloudy
110C TrapUpdate
110D ShowQuestObjectives, SQO: (Quest)
	Shows the list of current quest objectives
110E ForceActorValue, ForceAV: Actor Value, Amount
	Does modav XXX (value - getav XXX). [player.forceav luck 25]
110F IncrementPCSkill, IncPCS: Actor Value
	Increase the player's skill by one point. [IncrementSkill onehanded]
1110 DoTrap: Trap, Damage, Lev. Damage, Pushback, Death Pushback, Min. Velocity, Continuous, Stagger
1111 EnableFastTravel, EnableFast: Integer
1112 IsSmallBump
1113 GetParentRef
1114 PlayBink: String, (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
1115 GetBaseActorValue, GetBaseAV: Actor Value
	Get a base actor value. [player.getbaseav luck]
1116 IsOwner: (Owner(optional))
	get the ownership of the ref
1117 SetOwnership: (Owner(optional))
1118 IsCellOwner: Cell, (Owner(optional))
	get the ownership of the ref
1119 SetCellOwnership: Cell, (Owner(optional))
111A IsHorseStolen
111B SetCellFullName: Cell, Message
111C SetActorFullName: Message
111D IsLeftUp
111E IsSneaking
111F IsRunning
1120 GetFriendHit
1121 IsInCombat: (Integer (Optional))
1122 SetPackDuration, SPDur: Float
1123 PlayMagicShaderVisuals, PMS: Effect Shader ID, (Time(optional))
1124 PlayMagicEffectVisuals, PME: Magic Effect, (Time(optional))
1125 StopMagicShaderVisuals, SMS: Effect Shader ID
1126 StopMagicEffectVisuals, SME: Magic Effect
1127 ResetInterior: Cell
1128 IsAnimPlaying: (Animation Group)
1129 SetActorAlpha, SAA: Float, (Int(optional))
112A EnableLinkedPathPoints
112B DisableLinkedPathPoints
112C IsInInterior
112D ForceWeather, fw: Weather ID, (Integer (Optional))
	Forces the active weather to the specified type, without transition.
112E ToggleActorsAI
112F IsActorsAIOff
1130 IsWaterObject
	Water condition used for drinking animation.
1131 GetPlayerAction
1132 IsActorUsingATorch
1133 SetLevel: Integer, (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
1134 ResetFallDamageTimer
1135 IsXBox
1136 GetInWorldspace: WorldSpace
1137 ModPCMiscStat, ModPCMS: Miscellaneous Stat, Integer
1138 GetPCMiscStat, GetPCMS: Miscellaneous Stat
1139 GetPairedAnimation, GPA
	See if this reference is currently playing a paired animation.
113A IsActorAVictim
113B GetTotalPersuasionNumber
113C SetScale: Float
	Set the scale of an object
113D ModScale: Float
	Modify the scale of an object
113E GetIdleDoneOnce
113F KillAllActors, killall: (Actor (optional))
1140 GetNoRumors
1141 SetNoRumors: Integer
1142 Dispel: Magic Item
1143 GetCombatState
1144 TriggerHitShader, ths: (Float (Optional))
1145 GetWithinPackageLocation: PackageData (Location)
1146 Reset3DState
1147 IsRidingHorse
1148 DispelAllSpells
1149 IsFleeing
114A AddAchievement: Integer
114B DuplicateAllItems: (Container (optional)), (Ownership Added (optional))
114C IsInDangerousWater
114D EssentialDeathReload: String
114E SetShowQuestItems: Integer
114F DuplicateNPCStats: (Actor (optional))
1150 ResetHealth
1151 SetIgnoreFriendlyHits, sifh: Integer
	Set whether an actor should ignore friendly hits (0-no, 1-yes)
1152 GetIgnoreFriendlyHits, gifh
	See if an actor is ignoring friendly hits
1153 IsPlayersLastRiddenHorse
1154 SetActorRefraction, sar: Float
1155 SetItemValue: Integer
1156 SetRigidBodyMass: Float
1157 ShowViewerStrings, svs
1158 ReleaseWeatherOverride, rwo
1159 SetAllReachable: Integer
115A SetAllVisible: Integer
115B SetNoAvoidance: Integer
115C SendTrespassAlarm: Actor
115D SetSceneIsComplex: Integer
115E Autosave
115F StartMasterFileSeekData
1160 DumpMasterFileSeekData
1161 IsActor
1162 IsEssential
1163 PreloadMagicEffect: Magic Effect
1164 ShowDialogSubtitles: (Integer (Optional))
1165 SetPlayerResistingArrest
1166 IsPlayerMovingIntoNewSpace
1167 GetInCurrentLoc: Location
1168 GetInCurrentLocAlias: QuestAlias
1169 GetTimeDead
116A HasLinkedRef: (Keyword)
116B GetLinkedRef: (Keyword)
116C DamageObject, do: Float
116D IsChild
116E GetStolenItemValueNoCrime: Faction
116F GetLastPlayerAction
1170 IsPlayerActionActive: Integer
1171 SetTalkingActivatorActor: (Actor (optional))
1172 IsTalkingActivatorActor: Actor
1173 ShowBarterMenu, sbm: (Integer (Optional))
1174 IsInList: Form List
1175 GetStolenItemValue: Faction
1176 AddPerk: Perk
1177 GetCrimeGoldViolent, getviolent: (Faction (Optional))
1178 GetCrimeGoldNonviolent, getnonviolent: (Faction (Optional))
1179 ShowRepairMenu, srm
117A HasShout: Shout
117B AddNote, AN: Note
117C RemoveNote, RN: Note
117D GetHasNote, GetN: Note
117E AddToFaction, Addfac: Faction, Value
117F RemoveFromFaction, Removefac: Faction
1180 DamageActorValue, DamageAV: Actor Value, Amount
	Damage an actor value.
1181 RestoreActorValue, RestoreAV: Actor Value, Amount
	Restore an actor value.
1182 TriggerHUDShudder, hudsh: (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional)), (Float (Optional))
	Trigger shudder effect on HUD.  Params=Intensity/Duration.
1183 GetObjectiveFailed: Quest, Integer
1184 SetObjectiveFailed: Quest, Integer, State
1185 SetGlobalTimeMultiplier, sgtm: Float
1186 GetHitLocation
	What BGSBodyPart::LIMB_ENUM was hit. -1 = none, 0 = torso, ...
1187 IsPC1stPerson, pc1st
	Is the player playing in 1st person mode?
1188 PurgeCellBuffers, pcb
	Forcibly unloads all unattached cells in cell buffers.
1189 PushActorAway: ObjectReferenceID, Integer
118A SetActorsAI: Integer
118B ClearOwnership
118C GetCauseofDeath
	What killed the actor
118D IsLimbGone: Integer
	Is BGSBodyPart::LIMB_ENUM been dismembered
118E IsWeaponInList: Form List
	Is the current weapon in the form list
118F PlayIdle: String
	Play this idle on the current actor.
1190 ApplyImageSpaceModifier, imod: Imagespace Modifier ID, (Float (Optional))
	Adds an imagespace modifier to the active list
1191 RemoveImageSpaceModifier, rimod: Imagespace Modifier ID, (Float (Optional))
	Removes an imagespace modifier from the active list
1192 IsBribedbyPlayer
1193 GetRelationshipRank: Actor
1194 SetRelationshipRank: Actor, Value
1195 SetCellImageSpace: Cell, ImageSpace
1196 ShowChargenMenu, scgm
1197 GetVATSValue: Integer, (Integer (Optional))
1198 IsKiller: Actor
1199 IsKillerObject: Form List
119A GetFactionCombatReaction: Faction, Faction
119B UseWeapon: Weapon, Location, Target, NumAttacks, (CrouchToReload), (HoldFire), (AlwaysHit), (DoNoDamage), (TargetLocation)
119C EvaluateSpellConditions, esc
119D ToggleMotionBlur, tmb
	Toggle Motion Blur for the selected reference
119E Exists: ObjectReferenceID
119F GetGroupMemberCount
11A0 GetGroupTargetCount
11A1 SetObjectiveCompleted: Quest, Integer, State
	Set objective completion status: 0-Off, 1-On
11A2 SetObjectiveDisplayed: Quest, Integer, State
	Set objective displayed status: 0-Off, 1-On
11A3 GetObjectiveCompleted: Quest, Integer
	Get objective completion status: 0-Off, 1-On
11A4 GetObjectiveDisplayed: Quest, Integer
	Get objective displayed status: 0-Off, 1-On
11A5 SetImageSpace: (ImageSpace)
11A6 PipboyRadio, prad: String, (ObjectReferenceID)
	Control the Pipboy radio. Enable, Disable, Tune
11A7 RemovePerk: Perk
11A8 DisableAllActors, DisAA
11A9 GetIsFormType: String
11AA GetIsVoiceType: VoiceType
11AB GetPlantedExplosive
11AC CompleteAllObjectives: Quest
	Complete all of a quest's objectives
11AD IsScenePackageRunning
11AE GetHealthPercentage
11AF SetAudioMultithreading, SAM: Integer
11B0 GetIsObjectType: Form Type
11B1 ShowChargenMenuParams, scgmp: Integer, Integer, Integer
11B2 GetDialogueEmotion
11B3 GetDialogueEmotionValue
11B4 ExitGame, exit
11B5 GetIsCreatureType: Integer
11B6 PlayerCreatePotion: Magic Effect, (Magic Effect), (Magic Effect)
11B7 PlayerEnchantObject: Object, Magic Effect, (Magic Effect)
11B8 ShowWarning: String
11B9 EnterTrigger: ObjectReferenceID
11BA MarkForDelete
11BB SetPlayerAIDriven: Integer
11BC GetInCurrentLocFormList: Form List
11BD GetInZone: EncounterZone
11BE GetVelocity: Axis
	Gets Velocity on a reference
11BF GetGraphVariableFloat: String
11C0 HasPerk: Perk
11C1 GetFactionRelation: Actor
11C2 IsLastIdlePlayed: Idle Form
11C3 SetNPCRadio, snr: Integer, ObjectReferenceID
	Enable/Disable NPC radio playback: 0-Off, 1-On 
11C4 SetPlayerTeammate: Integer
11C5 GetPlayerTeammate
11C6 GetPlayerTeammateCount
11C7 OpenActorContainer: (Integer (Optional))
11C8 ClearFactionPlayerEnemyFlag: Faction
11C9 ClearActorsFactionsPlayerEnemyFlag
11CA GetActorCrimePlayerEnemy
11CB GetCrimeGold: (Faction (Optional))
11CC SetCrimeGold: Integer , (Faction (Optional))
11CD ModCrimeGold: Integer , (Integer (Optional)), (Faction (Optional))
11CE GetPlayerGrabbedRef
11CF IsPlayerGrabbedRef: TESObjectREFR
11D0 PlaceLeveledActorAtMe: ObjectID, (LevelModifier), (ForcedZone)
11D1 GetKeywordItemCount: Keyword
11D2 ShowLockpickMenu, slpm: (Integer (Optional))
11D3 GetBroadcastState
11D4 SetBroadcastState: Integer
11D5 StartRadioConversation: (Topic)
11D6 GetDestructionStage
11D7 ClearDestruction
11D8 CastImmediateOnSelf, cios: Magic Item
11D9 GetIsAlignment: Alignment
11DA ResetQuest: Quest
11DB SetQuestDelay: Quest, Float
11DC IsProtected
11DD GetThreatRatio: Actor
11DE MatchFaceGeometry: Actor, Value
11DF GetIsUsedItemEquipType: EquipType
11E0 GetPlayerName
11E1 FireWeapon: Weapon
11E2 PayCrimeGold: (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Faction (Optional))
11E3 UnusedFunction2: Float
11E4 MatchRace: Actor
11E5 SetPCYoung: Integer
11E6 SexChange: (Sex), (Integer (Optional))
11E7 IsCarryable
11E8 GetConcussed
11E9 SetZoneRespawns: EncounterZone, Integer
11EA SetVATSTarget: Integer
11EB GetMapMarkerVisible
11EC ResetInventory
11ED PlayerKnows: Knowable Form
11EE GetPermanentActorValue, GetPermAV: Actor Value
	Get an actor value ignoring temporary modifiers. [player.getav luck]
11EF GetKillingBlowLimb
	Which BGSBodyPart::LIMB_ENUM received the killing blow
11F0 GoToJail: (Faction (Optional)), (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
11F1 CanPayCrimeGold: (Faction (Optional))
11F2 ServeTime
11F3 GetDaysInJail
11F4 EPAlchemyGetMakingPoison
11F5 EPAlchemyEffectHasKeyword: Keyword
11F6 ShowAllMapMarkers, tmm: Integer, (Integer (Optional)), (Integer (Optional))
	Shows/hides map markers (1 shows, 0 hides)(1 travel(default), 0 no travel)(1 all, 0 all but hidden(default)).
11F7 GetAllowWorldInteractions
11F8 ResetAI
11F9 SetRumble: Float, Float, Float
	Creates rumble in the controller (left motor) (right motor) (duration)
11FA SetNoActivationSound: Sound
	Set the sound to play when activation fails (Sound)
11FB ClearNoActivationSound
	Clear the activation failure sound
11FC GetLastHitCritical
11FD AddMusic: Music
11FE UnusedFunction3
11FF UnusedFunction4
1200 SetPCToddler: Integer
1201 IsCombatTarget: Actor
1202 TriggerScreenBlood, tsb: Integer
	Trigger screen blood
1203 GetVATSRightAreaFree: (TESObjectREFR)
1204 GetVATSLeftAreaFree: (TESObjectREFR)
1205 GetVATSBackAreaFree: (TESObjectREFR)
1206 GetVATSFrontAreaFree: (TESObjectREFR)
1207 GetIsLockBroken
1208 IsPS3
1209 IsWin32
120A GetVATSRightTargetVisible: TESObjectREFR
120B GetVATSLeftTargetVisible: TESObjectREFR
120C GetVATSBackTargetVisible: TESObjectREFR
120D GetVATSFrontTargetVisible: TESObjectREFR
120E AttachAshPile: (Integer (Optional))
120F SetCriticalStage: CriticalStage
1210 IsInCriticalStage: CriticalStage
1211 RemoveFromAllFactions
1212 GetXPForNextLevel
1213 ShowLockpickMenuDebug, slpmd: (Integer (Optional))
1214 ForceSave
1215 GetInfamy: (Faction (Optional))
1216 GetInfamyViolent: (Faction (Optional))
1217 GetInfamyNonViolent: (Faction (Optional))
1218 UnusedFunction5
1219 Sin: Float, (Int(optional))
121A Cos: Float, (Int(optional))
121B Tan: Float, (Int(optional))
121C Sqrt: Float
121D Log: Float, (Float(optional))
121E Abs: Float
121F GetQuestCompleted, GetQC: Quest
1220 UnusedFunction6
1221 PipBoyRadioOff
1222 AutoDisplayObjectives: Integer
1223 IsGoreDisabled
1224 FadeSFX, FSFX: Float
1225 SetMinimalUse: Integer
1226 IsSceneActionComplete: Scene , Integer
1227 ShowQuestStages, SQS: Quest
1228 GetSpellUsageNum: Magic Item
1229 ForceRadioStationUpdate, FRSU
122A GetActorsInHigh
122B HasLoaded3D
122C DisableAllMines
122D SetLastExtDoorActivated: ObjectReferenceID
122E KillQuestUpdates, KQU
122F IsImageSpaceActive: Imagespace Modifier ID
1230 HasKeyword: Keyword
1231 HasRefType: RefType
1232 LocationHasKeyword: Keyword
1233 LocationHasRefType: RefType
1234 CreateEvent: Keyword, (Location), (Ref 1), (Ref 2), (Value 1), (Value 2)
1235 GetIsEditorLocation: Location
1236 GetIsAliasRef: QuestAlias
1237 GetIsEditorLocAlias: QuestAlias
1238 IsSprinting
1239 IsBlocking
123A HasEquippedSpell, hasspell: Casting Source
123B GetCurrentCastingType, getcasting: Casting Source
123C GetCurrentDeliveryType, getdelivery: Casting Source
123D EquipSpell: Spell Item, Casting Source
123E GetAttackState
	0 = None, 1 = Draw, 2 = Swing, 3 = Hit, 4 = Next Attack, 5 = Follow Through, 6 = Bash
123F GetAliasedRef: QuestAlias
1240 GetEventData: Event Function, Event Member, (Data (Optional))
1241 IsCloserToAThanB: TESObjectREFR, TESObjectREFR
1242 EquipShout: Shout
1243 GetEquippedShout: Shout
1244 IsBleedingOut
1245 UnlockWord: Word Of Power
1246 TeachWord: Word Of Power
1247 AddToContainer: TESObjectREFR, (Flag)
1248 GetRelativeAngle: ObjectReferenceID, Axis
1249 SendAnimEvent, sae: String
	Send an event to the animation graph.
124A Shout: Shout, Integer, ObjectReferenceID
124B AddShout: Shout
124C RemoveShout: Shout
124D GetMovementDirection
124E IsInScene
124F GetRefTypeDeadCount: Location, RefType
1250 GetRefTypeAliveCount: Location, RefType
1251 ApplyHavokImpulse: Float, Float, Float, Float
1252 GetIsFlying
1253 IsCurrentSpell: Spell Item, Casting Source
1254 SpellHasKeyword: Casting Source, Keyword
1255 GetEquippedItemType: Casting Source
1256 GetLocationAliasCleared: QuestAlias
1257 SetLocationAliasCleared: QuestAlias
1258 GetLocAliasRefTypeDeadCount: QuestAlias, RefType
1259 GetLocAliasRefTypeAliveCount: QuestAlias, RefType
125A IsWardState: Ward State
125B IsInSameCurrentLocAsRef: TESObjectREFR, (Keyword)
125C IsInSameCurrentLocAsRefAlias: QuestAlias, (Keyword)
125D LocAliasIsLocation: QuestAlias, Location
125E GetKeywordDataForLocation: Location, Keyword
125F SetKeywordDataForLocation: Location, Keyword, Value
1260 GetKeywordDataForAlias: QuestAlias, Keyword
1261 SetKeywordDataForAlias: QuestAlias, Keyword, Value
1262 LocAliasHasKeyword: QuestAlias, Keyword
1263 IsNullPackageData: PackageData (Possibly Null)
1264 GetNumericPackageData: PackageData (Numeric)
1265 IsFurnitureAnimType: Furniture Anim Type
1266 IsFurnitureEntryType: Furniture Entry Type
1267 GetHighestRelationshipRank
1268 GetLowestRelationshipRank
1269 HasAssociationTypeAny: AssociationType
126A HasFamilyRelationshipAny
126B GetPathingTargetOffset: Axis
126C GetPathingTargetAngleOffset: Axis
126D GetPathingTargetSpeed
126E GetPathingTargetSpeedAngle: Axis
126F GetMovementSpeed
1270 GetInContainer: TESObjectREFR
1271 IsLocationLoaded: Location
1272 IsLocAliasLoaded: QuestAlias
1273 IsDualCasting
1274 DualCast: Magic Item, ObjectReferenceID (Optional)
1275 GetVMQuestVariable: Quest, VM Variable Name
1276 GetVMScriptVariable: ObjectReferenceID, VM Variable Name
1277 IsEnteringInteractionQuick
1278 IsCasting
1279 GetFlyingState
127A SetFavorState: Integer
127B IsInFavorState
127C HasTwoHandedWeaponEquipped
127D IsExitingInstant
127E IsInFriendStatewithPlayer
127F GetWithinDistance: ObjectReferenceID, Float
1280 GetActorValuePercent: Actor Value
1281 IsUnique
1282 GetLastBumpDirection
1283 CameraShake: Float, (Float(optional))
1284 IsInFurnitureState: Furniture Anim Type
1285 GetIsInjured
1286 GetIsCrashLandRequest
1287 GetIsHastyLandRequest
1288 UpdateQuestInstanceGlobal: Quest, Global
1289 SetAllowFlying: Integer
128A IsLinkedTo: TESObjectREFR, (Keyword)
128B GetKeywordDataForCurrentLocation: Keyword
128C GetInSharedCrimeFaction: TESObjectREFR
128D GetBribeAmount
128E GetBribeSuccess
128F GetIntimidateSuccess
1290 GetArrestedState
1291 GetArrestingActor
1292 ClearArrestState
1293 EPTemperingItemIsEnchanted
1294 EPTemperingItemHasKeyword: Keyword
1295 GetReceivedGiftValue
1296 GetGiftGivenValue
1297 ForceLocIntoAlias: Location, QuestAlias
1298 GetReplacedItemType: Casting Source
1299 SetHorseActor: TESObjectREFR
129A PlayReferenceEffect, pre: Reference Effect, (Time (optional)), (Aim-at target (optional))
129B StopReferenceEffect, sre: Reference Effect
129C PlayShaderParticleGeometry, pspg: Form, Float
129D StopShaderParticleGeometry, sspg: Form, Float
129E ApplyImageSpaceModifierCrossFade, imodcf: Imagespace Modifier ID, (Float (Optional))
	Adds a crossfade imagespace modifier to the active list
129F RemoveImageSpaceModifierCrossFade, rimodcf: (Float (Optional))
	Remove a crossfade imagespace modifier from the active list
12A0 IsAttacking
12A1 IsPowerAttacking
12A2 IsLastHostileActor
12A3 GetGraphVariableInt: String
12A4 GetCurrentShoutVariation
12A5 PlayImpactEffect, pie: String, (String (Optional)), (Float(optional)), (Float(optional)), (Float(optional)), (Float(optional)), (Int(optional)), (Int(optional))
12A6 ShouldAttackKill: Actor
12A7 SendStealAlarm, steal: Actor
12A8 GetActivationHeight
12A9 EPModSkillUsage_IsAdvanceSkill: Actor Value
12AA WornHasKeyword: Keyword
12AB GetPathingCurrentSpeed
12AC GetPathingCurrentSpeedAngle: Axis
12AD KnockAreaEffect, kae: Float, Float
12AE InterruptCast
12AF AddFormToFormList: Form, Form
12B0 RevertFormList: Form
12B1 AddFormToLeveledList: Form, Form, Int, Int
12B2 RevertLeveledList: Form
12B3 EPModSkillUsage_AdvanceObjectHasKeyword: Keyword
12B4 EPModSkillUsage_IsAdvanceAction: Skill Action
12B5 EPMagic_SpellHasKeyword: Keyword
12B6 GetNoBleedoutRecovery
12B7 SetNoBleedoutRecovery: Integer
12B8 EPMagic_SpellHasSkill: Actor Value
12B9 IsAttackType: Keyword
12BA IsAllowedToFly
12BB HasMagicEffectKeyword: Keyword
12BC IsCommandedActor
12BD IsStaggered
12BE IsRecoiling
12BF IsExitingInteractionQuick
12C0 IsPathing
12C1 GetShouldHelp: Actor
12C2 HasBoundWeaponEquipped: Casting Source
12C3 GetCombatTargetHasKeyword, gcthk: Keyword
12C4 UpdateLevel
	Update the player's level based on current skill usage amounts.
12C5 GetCombatGroupMemberCount, gcgmc
12C6 IsIgnoringCombat
12C7 GetLightLevel, gll
12C8 SavePCFace, spf: String
12C9 SpellHasCastingPerk: Perk
12CA IsBeingRidden
12CB IsUndead
12CC GetRealHoursPassed
12CD UnequipAll
12CE IsUnlockedDoor
12CF IsHostileToActor: Actor
12D0 GetTargetHeight: TESObjectREFR
	Get the delta on z between two references
12D1 IsPoison
	Is the object a Poison potion
12D2 WornApparelHasKeywordCount: Keyword
12D3 GetItemHealthPercent
12D4 EffectWasDualCast
12D5 GetKnockStateEnum
12D6 DoesNotExist